Forest Planning Study -Updated 3/2/13


In sports they say keep your eye on the ball. The same is true with keeping public lands open. Instead of keeping an eye on the ball it is about keeping an eye on studies and regulations that may be used later to close your trails.

Stewards of the Sequoia submitted a letter on 2/19/13 cosigned by 64 other organizations and clubs challenging a flawed Forest Service Study which highlighted unsubstantiated impacts of OHV, Horseback and Downhill Skiiing, while the study elevated the need for greater Preservation funding based on a "willingness to pay". Yet the study ignored the hundreds of millions of dollars provided to the Forests through self funded programs like the OHV Green Stickers, as well as ignoring the hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours from all forms of recreation.

This flawed Forest Study will be the basis for future forest planning, so it could directly effect the Sequoia and every Forest nationwide.

Read Stewards letter challenging the study and asking that it be revised prior to publishing

This letter is the result of Stewards of the Sequoia Executive Director Chris Horgan and Director of Public Lands Bruce Miller being stakeholders attending the Sierra Cascades Dialog Sessions over the past two years. Many thanks to CORVA Executive Director Amy Granat, BackCountry Horseman VP of Public Land Bob Magee and others who attended the Dialog sessions, for all their efforts and for objecting to this flawed study.

Many thanks to the 64 organizations and clubs for standing united and cosigning this letter











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