Jobs Report Talks Trails                     Updated 10/3/2011

Government Report Reveals Need To Preserve Motorized Recreation Access

Legislators have been working on ways to fix our ailing government and economy by removing onerous and unrealistic regulations. The Western Caucus Jobs Frontier Report compiled by 58 of your legislators states:

#6:Support Recreation, Hunting & Public Access
Over the past several years, Washington and extreme activist groups have taken steps to severely restrict access to public lands and multiple-use on those lands. Specifically, the EPA has sought to ban lead in hunting and fishing products and federal land agencies have closed roads and restricted access for off highway vehicles (OHV). In addition to undercutting local economies, these actions deter Americans who wish to responsibly recreate on public lands.
The bills listed below seek to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights, support hunting and fishing opportunities, encourage public land access and create additional year-round recreational activities in our national forests.

Recreation and public access are finally being focused on by our legislators due to the efforts of local, state and national groups bringing this to their attention. Be part of the solution. Support groups that are working to keep your trails open.

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