Trail Of 100 Giants Updated 10/4/11

Fallen Trees Cause Temporary Closure of Trail of 100 Giants

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?

Whether anyone is there or not when a Giant Sequoia tree falls rest assured it makes one hell of a sound shaking the ground like an earthquake.

Fallen Tree
Note the firefighter standing by the fallen tree for scale-
Branches seen on the ground rained down like bombs when the tree fell

Had someone been there when two side by side Giant Sequoias recently fell they might not have survived the experience. While one of these trees would easily demolish a house, branches large enough to crush a car also break off and rain down like bombs all around the area. A glancing blow would leave you with much more than a headache.

That is why in 2008 the Sequoia Forest Service removed some hazard trees, as well as “widow maker” hanging branches along the Trail of 100 Giants to promote safety on this extremely popular destination trail. They also removed fuels to reduce fire hazard that could destroy the Giant Sequoia grove.

Surprisingly a local group Sequoia ForestKeeper filed a lawsuit at the time opposing the much needed Forest Service project. The ForestKeeper claimed the Sequoia Forest Service had logged the area. The court found this was not true and properly vindicated the Forest Service project.

Fallen Tree On Trail
Fallen Giant Sequoia Tree on Trail of 100 Giants-
Forest Service thinning projects reduce the risk of this by removing sick or dying trees

The ForestKeeper apparently are still trying to stop public safety projects on the Trail of 100 Giants, as they recently convinced Congressman Farr to falsely state Trail of 100 Giants had been logged by the Sequoia Forest Service in 2008. This is part of the ForesKeeper efforts to bad mouth the Forest Service in order to shift management of the Giant Sequoia Monument from the Sequoia Forest Service to the far more restrictive Park Service.

If these lands become managed by the Park Service it is certain mountain biking would be prohibited on trails, the public would no longer be allowed to drive on 4x4 roads and many other forms of historical recreation and access would be prohibited or severely restricted.
Stewards of the Sequoia applaud the Sequoia Forest Service work to promote safety by removing hazards along roads and trails, something the Park Service would probably not have done.

We think the Sequoia Forest Service is doing a great job. Their work has certainly made the Trail of 100 Giants more enjoyable and safer. These beautiful and irreplaceable Giant Sequoia groves have been thriving under Sequoia Forest Service management for over 100 years.

Let's keep the Sequoia Groves healthy and safe. Please take Two Minutes and send a letter to help keep the Sequoia Monument under Sequoia Forest Service management so they can continue to promote Giant Sequoia forest health, safety as well as allowing continued public access.

The Forest Service closed the Trail of 100 Giants on 9/30/11 until they can clear the hazards and make the area safe again, that is of course barring any misguided objections from the Sequoia ForestKeeper.

Giant Sequoia Roots
Fallen Giant Sequoia Roots-Note the Firefighter for scale

Read more about the failed Sequoia ForestKeeper lawsuit and the courts vindication of the Sequoia Forest Service efforts to promote access, safety and forest health on the Trail of 100 Giants.











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