Sequoia Fire Update                                  Updated 7/27/09

New Piute Mountain Emergency Road & Trail Closures put in effect 7/16/2009
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Piute Mountain Closed to Woodcutting
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We are seeing the results of the non management plan being forced on the Forest Service by lawsuits from extreme groups as our forests & wildlife are incinerated, as well as flash flooding & catastrophic erosion.

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It is high time that the public spoke loud clear & told our legislators to promote active management & stop pandering to special interest groups who are daily destroying hundreds of times more forest & wildlife habitat than the worst clear cut logging ever could have impacted.

If you would like to restore forest health please contact Congressman McCarthy's office at 661 327-3611 and ask how the Congressman plans to thin our overgrown diseased forest to reduce fuel loads & promote forest health.

The following information was provided by the Sequoia Forest Service. Please check with the Forest or Fire officials before entering the Forest during fire season. Many trails & areas are closed at this time.

Click Here for final Sequoia Piute Fire Report indicating over 37,000  acres burned at a cost of $23,647,000

Click Here for a map showing the Piute Fire 34,000 plus acre burn area as of 7/11/08 with a 44% containment at a cost of over $18,000,000

For more information and updates regarding the Piute Fire, please see the Kern County Fire website at

Our Watershed has been devastated by Unnatural Wildfire
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